Ute Tool Boxes

Ute Tool Boxes to improve Storage & Security

Two of the biggest issues ute drivers have is storage space and security of items like ropes, tools, equipment that they need on hand on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what you do in your ute most people need additional storage on or under your ute tray, needing additional ute tool boxes to fix the problem.

The best way to plan your ute tool boxes and layout is to speak to the professionals who build and design these everyday. They can provide advice to improve your design and lower the costs.

Under ute tray tool boxes

Designing to fit under tray ute tool boxes is the best way to utilise that wasted space under the ute tray on either side of the wheel arch. It makes sense to fill up these gaps first before you have to intrude on the open space on top of the ute tray.

We have a wide range of under tray storage manufactured with locks, rubber seals around doors, an easy fit steel construction and painted to match the desired colour. You can order these at a later date if you wish, they are designed to just fit into the space available and bolt on.


Top of Tray Ute Tool Boxes

These come in many styles, shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. There are standard sizes available to fit the ute trays, but we can custom design and build to your needs. We find thSteel ute tool boxes 2at most ute owners like to design their own ute tool boxes to help them to be more organised throughout the day. These can be painted to match the ute cab or another desired colour or we can construct them from checker plate and fully sealed the choice is yours.

All ute tool boxes are designed around roll over protection systems, ladder racks and other ute accessories to ensure a fully compatible setup, giving you all the benefits of a custom made ute tray.


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