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Ute Tray
Look No Further, Your Ultimate Steel Ute Tray is Here.
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The Ozmac Steel Ute Tray Selection

You have checked around and seen the offers available, but I’m sure you already have an idea of what you want in a ute tray; strong, practical & reliable, styling to match the cab and a ready to fit a range of ute accessories to make life easier and of course it must be great value for money.

Lets face the facts, a poor performing ute tray will ultimately disappoint, you’ve seen them around, not very old, battered and beaten and they just bring the look of the ute down, you sit there and feel sorry for the bloke , because you would never put yourself in the same position, Would You?

The best way to avoid that same mistake is to select your perfect steel ute tray based on qualities and benefits that suit your needs long term. To do this you need to start with a strong base and build the capabilities of the ute tray to suit the functionality you desire.

Why Buy a Steel Ute Tray

Strength and Durability

OzmacOne of several benefits of investing in a steel ute tray compared to other options is its undeniable durability. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tradesman, a farmer or your just out to have a good time, you want it to perform and not let you down when your relying on it the most. Steel is the only material that can offer that confidence on all accounts it’s a no brainer when making your list of requirements.


220-ute-tray-twin-cabThe styling of the ute tray has several advantages for the ute owner.Ute Tray twin Cab

  • Practicality is one, if the layout and style fits your needs, has all the storage, functionality and usable space it just makes your job easier.
  • Good looks is another point and even if you don’t want to admit it, a new gleaming colour matched ute from nose to tail is a beauty to behold, it’s gives an impression of quality and style.
  • With the addition of ladder racks and other ute accessories which have been designed for practical and durable use, you have the package to fit your budget and needs that will stay with you for years.

Local Manufacturer

The added advantage of selecting Ozmac’s Australian made steel ute tray is you can be assured of quality materials and workmanship and ongoing local Toowoomba customer service covering west of Brisbane through to the Golden West and Districts, let alone being able to bolt on those additional ute accessories like ladder racks, roll over protection, ute tool boxes and ute water tanks that just fit first go.

If you’re going to spend the money to get the setup you want, make sure you’re getting the quality that will not disappoint when you put the pressure on and you take it to the limit. Make sure your selection is Australian manufactured and has a history of reputable supply into the industry, We are at the top of the ladder on all accounts.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed from Your Toowoomba Steel Ute Tray Specialist.
CALL  Ozmac on 07 46344833

Don’t risk it, if you want the ultimate ute tray in the market ring us today to custom fit a steel ute tray and accessories for your needs.

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